1. We have over the past few years seen a great array of super hero films. I of course do not need to remind you of the Avengers film that came out this summer, which I am sure many of you will agree, was a great film!

    If you enjoy a good super hero laugh, then you may want to turn your attention to ‘Little League’. Created by Independent Comic Book Artist, Yale Stewart, this is a great imagining of the heroes of the Justice League…at school?

    Shown to me by my brother, I cannot stop reading these comic shorts. Usually updated twice a week, this is a definite must for any super hero lover!

    Step into the world of the Little League and I promise you cannot help but chuckle. In the first comic short, we see Bruce Wayne/Batman arriving at school…wonder what happens next?


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    I am not a fan of the DC Comics (well, comic books in general, admittedly…) but shoot, this whole webcomic series is...
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    I’m going on a Reblogging spree for jl8
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    I’ve found something I love very dearly.
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    This. Is. So. Cute. Never been into a comic series as much as I have with this one. Every single one makes me smile or...
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    I just discovered this today. Why was I not made aware of this comic series sooner. 8 year old Justice League. My life...
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